Primer No4

The ACRYLIC PRIMER NO.4 is based on phenylethylene acrylic copolymers and water-based dispersion additives, used for the adjustment of the surfaces absorption degree for indoor and outdoor works.
  • good tack to a well prepared base support;
  • insures an easy application and a reduced paint consumption;
  • prevents mould forming;
  • high pores filling capacity;
  • creates an adherent base support;
  • helps to improve the environment within the living space;
  • gives a homogenous appearance to the paint;
  • dries fast.
It is used for priming new or old building surfaces made out of concrete, brick, plastering, polishing plaster coats, adhesive products for the subsequent application of emulsion paints (ZUGRAV COLOR, NO.4, RENEW UNIVERSAL), resin-based plastering, textured coverings (MIXT COLOR DECOR), etc.


Getting the surfaces ready: the base supports where the application is to be made must be resistant, clean and dry.
Getting the product ready: 1 litre of primer diluted in a maximum quantity of 4 litres of water.
Application method: by lime brush, brush, roller or by blowing in one or two layers; recommended temperature: minimum 5°C, maximum 35°C.
After the application, the tools must be cleaned with water and common detergents.
The coverage degree is 20-35 m2/l/layer.

The product is packed in 1 L, 3 L, 4 L, 5 L and 10 L containers.
The storage temperature must be between 5-25°C.
It requires protection against frost and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
The container must be kept tightly fitted at all times.
The validity term is 24 months from the date written on the container.