Pigment Renew

The RENEW pigments range is used for colouring white emulsion paints and white decorative plastering used for the decoration and protection of indoor surfaces of both civil and industrial works, new or renewed.
  • rapid colour homogenization;
  • long lasting stability;
  • practical and easy to use;
  • available in 9 basic colours.
The products are used for construction purposes, for colouring emulsion paints, semi-emulsion paints and lime or loam water-based mixtures, designed for indoor decorative paintings.

Before its application, the pigment bottle must be stirred so that the pigment content becomes homogenous for a perfect re-dispersion of prospect sediments. The content of the bottle is then mixed with the painting mixture until the desired shade is obtained, according to the colour palette.
The manual mixture of emulsion, semi-emulsion paints and joining mixtures used for sandstone and ceramic tiles, concrete, mortar, cement, is much more difficult; we recommend that this procedure be made with an electrical drilling machine equipped with a stir.
Please, take into account that barely noticeable shading differences may appear, depending on the emulsion paint type used and its titanium oxide content.

The product quantity contained is 70 ml.
The container must be kept tightly fitted and away from frost at all times.
The validity term is 24 months.