Mixt Color Décor Decorative Paint

MIXT COLOR DÉCOR is a decorative emulsion paint, with a controlled content of flakes, which can be applied in a diversity of shades and models. This new type of painting gives an antiqued and sophisticated effect to the walls. Thanks to it formula and the “SENTOSA” pigments used, high finishing works can be achieved, which can satisfy the most refined requests In terms of colour and design.
  • easy to apply; ;
  • it blurs walls imperfections;
  • prevents mould forming;
  • it is washable and water-proof;
  • scratch-proof and dirt-proof;
  • antistatic properties.

Technical characteristics:

  • appearance: viscous, containing flakes;
  • film-forming temperature: 6°C;
  • application temperature: 8-20°C;
  • dilution: the product can be diluted with a maximum quantity of 5% of water but it is generally used non diluted;
  • coverage degree: 6-8 mp/kg, depending on the wall absorption degree;
  • drying timeframe: 8-10 hours (at a relative air humidity of 50%);
  • final strength of the applied layer: after 5-10 days, depending on the environment conditions;
  • first wash must be made after at least 10 days from the application date.
MIXT COLOR DÉCOR is an emulsion paint used for the decoration of indoor walls. The effects which can be obtained depend on the application method (linear or crossed) and the handling method of palette knife: ANTIQUE effect, MARBLE effect or MULTICOLOR COMBINED effect (by applying multiple differently coloured layers).

Getting the walls ready

New walls must be brushed and well cleaned. In case of old walls and walls which have been previously painted, firstly you must remove the dust or any other impurities by brushing or washing. The areas coming off must be removed and they need to be repaired. Before the application of MIXT COLOR DÉCOR, 1-2 layers of white or coloured emulsion paint must be applied, as a base layer.

Application method

  • (depending on the desired shade) add 1-10% of the Mixt Color, Mixt Color Intens, Renew or Renew Universal pigments;
  • it is mixed manually; do not use an electrical mixer, since a fast mixing might lead to the degradation of the mixture, meaning that it leads to the reduction of the bottles contained within the mixture, resulting in another model on the wall;
  • the product is applied by brush, in a homogenous layer, by using linear or crossed moves, depending on the desired effect, so that no surfaces remain uncovered;
  • after 10-15 minutes the layer applied must be finely levelled, using a Sentosa palette knife. By increasing the pressure degree, the visible white percentage within the applied mixture also increases;
  • numerous models and chromatic combinations can be made depending on the imagination and the handicraft of the person applying it;
  • we recommend that the paint be applied by trained people.
The product is packed in 2,5 kg containers.
The container must be kept tightly fitted at all times.
The storage temperature must be between 5-40°C.
It requires protection against frost and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
The validity term is 24 months from the date written on the container.