Zugrav Color Emulsion Paint

ZUGRAV COLOR is a premium water-based white emulsion paint, containing acrylic phenylethylene emulsion, additives and conservation agents. It is fluid, semi-viscous, homogenous and it can be coloured, under favourable conditions, with the MIXT INTENS, RENEW UNIVERSAL, MIXT COLOR SUPERCONCENTRATE, RENEW and ZUGRAV COLOR pigments produced by SENTOSA, according to the colour palette.
  • very good shading properties;
  • high coverage capacity;
  • matt appearance and perfectly homogenous;
  • easy to apply;
  • good tack to a well prepared base support;
  • helps to improve the environment within the living space;
  • vapour permeability;
  • wipe-proof;
  • dries fast.
The paint is used for coating and the protection and decoration of indoor surfaces: customary plastering, polishing plaster coats, masonry, brick, concrete, gypsum boards and other mineral base supports.

Getting the base support ready:

Before applying the paint, the surfaces must be cleaned and washed insuring that no loam, lime or prospect un-washable emulsions paints are left behind. The surfaces must be plain, cracks free and dry. Regardless of their nature, the base supports must be treated with acrylic primer produced by Sentosa.
When the base support is ready, the paint can be applied manually (by painting roller, lime brush or brush) or by blowing (with a spray gun. Before the application, the content must be well stirred. The application temperature must be of at least +5°C.

Manual application: the product must be diluted with a quantity of 10% of water, and the application must be made in two layers, each every 40 minutes, at least.
Application by blowing: the product must be diluted with a quantity of 20% of water, and the application must be made in three layers, each every 40 minutes, at least.

A quantity of 1 litre of paint can cover a surface of 8-10 m² for every layer of plaster coated surfaces.

The first wash must be made after at least two weeks from the application.

The product is packed in 1 kg, 2.5 litres, 3 litres, 8.5 litres, respectively 15 litres containers.
The container must be kept tightly fitted at all times.
The storage temperature must be between 5-25°C.
It requires protection against frost and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
The validity term is 24 months from the date written on the container.