Acrylic sealant

The ACRYLIC SEALANT is a high quality mono-component elasto-plastic solution based on acrylic emulsion and water-based dispersion.
  • high elasticity;
  • ageing strength;
  • very good tack;
  • allows painting after it has been applied;
  • colour: white.
It is recommended for joints insulation, the filling of wall, wood and masonry cracks within tight spaces. It is ideal for joining construction elements, subjected to several requirements; it can be used and it can seal indoor and outdoor joints on porous base supports such as concrete, plastering, eternit, masonry, cement, wood.

We do not recommend that this product be applied if rainfall is likely to appear or on surfaces which are in a prolonged contact with water. The recommended application temperature is: 5°C – 50°C.

After the product is applied, we recommend protection against water for at least 6 hours.

The joining elements must be cleaned, dust, oil, fat, bitumen or ice free. For highly absorbent surfaces we recommend that the product be firstly used diluted with water, with a proper consistency for the brush.

The product is packed in a 280 ml cartridge.