Universal Silicone

The UNIVERSAL SILICONE is a high-quality mono-component silicon rubber, with acetous polymerization for plain non-absorbing and non-porous surfaces.
  • ageing resistant and UV radiation resistant;
  • good lost lasting tack for most construction materials;
  • good elasticity;
  • flexible and water-proof sealing between nonporous surfaces;
  • colours: white and transparent.
The UNIVERSAL SILICONE is used both indoor and outdoor surfaces, for filling and the protection of surfaces against the effects of air and humidity, with excellent tack to most construction materials (glass, enamelled, aluminium, ceramic tiles and most plastic materials).

We do not recommend its application on surfaces which are entirely under water or surfaces which are in contact with discharged acetic acid, it can react during the polymerization process (ex: cement, concrete, some metals, mortar).

The UNIVERSAL SILICONE should not be used within tight spaces, because it requires atmospheric humidity for the polymerization process. The surfaces which are to be sealed must be dry and dust particles free, also free from any other pollutant substances.

The storage temperature should be between 0°C ÷ +30°C, and the application temperature between +5°C ÷ +40°C.

It requires protection against frost and prolonged exposure under direct sunlight.

The product is packed in a 280 ml cartridge.