Sentosa Impex releases the Renew Universal emulsion paint

Renew Universal is a water-based emulsion paint with fluid and homogenous appearance. It can be very easily applied and it has very good tack especially for surfaces which have been prepared accordingly and a high coverage capacity (10-12 mp / litre).

The film is continuous, homogenous, matt, wipe-proof and fast drying.

This paint is used for coating but also the protection and decoration of outdoor surfaces.

The product can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun. The product is UV resistant. Renew Universal is available in 3, 8.5 and 15 litres containers, respectively 1 kg buckets.

Sentosa Impex, is the first company amongst the National List of the Top Private Companies

Sentosa Impex SRL, occupied the first rank in several categories of the National List of the Top Private Companies, jubilee edition – XX, made out by the National Council of Private Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Romania for year 2011.
Sentosa Impex SRL occupied the first rank amongst the North-West Region 6 companies for 2030 – „The manufacturing of paints, varnishes, typographical inks and mastic” depending on three indicators: turnover, global performance and productivity.